After over 10 years of design, development and employing the most experienced technicians and engineers Vitour Tyres was founded in 2006 using the latest German Tyre Technology to reduce environmental impact during the manufacturing process of our tyres. Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver a comprehensive line of high quality tyres to the world, investing in technical know-how and tenchnology. We believe our tyres are the best available on the market today.

We have endeavoured to create a brand that customers can rely on long term with a good supply chain and a great range of harder to find items, our interest lie in create life long customers, not one-shot deals without a solid backing.

Our environmental protection starts at optimizing production processes, and extends to our unique tread compound formula that allows for both performance and longevity - the longer a tyre lasts the better it is for both the customer and the environment.

Finally we have work directly with the EU to make sure our tyres comply with the most stringent noise and safety standards, our designs have been carefully chosen to offer maximum performance and superior noise reduction; we utilise a wide base and high strength sidewall construction to maximise the customer's safety when using our product.